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Surviving Last Minute Preparations

  • Written by ANAND P
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With the arrival of summer, exams beleaguer students and they arm themselves with the right study material to score high grades. While most students are tensed during the season, others are seen remarkably chilled. It's not that such students take exams for granted, they just have a positive approach and understand that exams are not meant to catch them out. Exams assess how well students comprehend the subject matter.

Being stressed during the exams is common for students and many while away their time worrying about the exams instead of focusing on studies. It's very important to take breaks between studies - one can take a walk in the park, watch some TV, play a sport or anything that helps him unwind. A great means for beating the stress is talking to a friend. Since the friend is going through the same patch, talking to him has quite a therapeutic effect on an individual.

Worrying about the progress one is making only disturbs the mind and the student is unable to concentrate on his studies. Therefore, one must stay calm and try some techniques that help them prepare for their exams under the wire.

making notes is the most effective and common form of preparing for exams. Notes made during the class and/or in private tuition are extremely valuable and one must go through them a day before the exam. As compared to books, notes are always written in an individual's personal style which makes them easier to understand and memorize. If one is having a hard time memorizing anything in particular, he should highlight that part with colored markers so as to remember going through it everyday.

A smaller version of notes, flashcards are another excellent way of memorizing important parts of a subject. Flashcards only include certain keywords, bullet points and formulas that trigger the memory to recall the particular subject notes. Keeping them short is the way to go. Also, it's utmost important that one has a practice exam session which helps him get a feedback of how he performs. A student should solve sample question papers from previous exams in the same format and time himself. It will certainly tell him where he stands and if there is any gap, he can start it from the scratch.

Apart from that, group study is also an advantageous technique as it pushes students to study more. In addition to that, they can test one another on different topics each one is weak in. The best thing about group studies is that when the students come across a hard topic, they can better tackle it as a group. However, students have to be sure that they study and not have fun and entertainment.

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