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Go green. Simple ways

  • Written by Venkat
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Some simple ways to help save the environment. Interestingly, helping the environment means helping yourselves with lesser expense and cleaner surroundings! 

At your home/hostel: 

Switch off bulbs, tube-lights and other electrical appliances when not in use.

Appliances running on standby power consume lot of energy.

Use natural sun light during day-time.

Recommend or create green energy sources like solar power or bio-fuels for household consumption.

Replace traditional bulbs with compact fluorescent lights. These energy-efficient bulbs help environment by reducing the amount of electricity used and also helps reduce your electricity bills.

Don't burn garden wastes, Compost it instead. Burning vegetation emits lot of carbon dioxide and other heat trapping pollutants into the atmosphere.

Design your home in such a way that ample sun light can pass through your windows and skylights.

Sunlight passing through your rooms makes your home bright, fresh and healthy while saving electricity.

Reduce consumption of natural resources. Recycle wherever you can. Reuse whatever you can. More importantly carry your own bags to the market / shops and do not take plastic carry bags from the shoppers.  
On the road: 

Cut out short car or two wheeler trips.

As far as possible try walking or using a bicycle for short trips.

Remove unnecessary weight from your vehicle; this will cut down fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

Maintain proper air pressure in your vehicle, as improper tire inflations cause higher fuel consumption.

Use public transport like bus/trains wherever possible! 



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