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  • Written by Thivakar
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     The Don - Bosco football tournament trophy was held at Namakkal District in Don-Bosco Anbu Illam, N.Pudhupatti between 27 July '12 and 29 July '12. Out of the four league matches played, Vickramce won two against Don-Bosco, Trichy (2-1) and Bharath Poly Technic; and got qualified to semi-finals. In the semi-finals, Vickramce faced Selvam College. The match led to penalty shot through which Selvam College won the match 4-3.

       Vickramce was awarded with Fair Play and Best Team award. M.Prakash of III CSE received Best Player of tournament  and R. Ganesh of III ECE was honored with the title most number of goal scorer (3) of Vickramce.

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