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Curious facts to know

  • Written by madhu
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                                                                  R.SELVAM , III EEE


1.The letters A,B,C,& D do not appear in the spelling of 1 to 99.

    D  appears first time in hundred.

    A  appears first time in  thousand.

    B appears first time in  billion.

    C appears first time in crore.

2. The longest word in English is- “Pneumonoultramicrosopisilicovolcanoconiosis”

   (43 letters)  It is a disease occurring in lungs.

3. Indian coins are mainly minted in four cities namely- Delhi,Mumbai,Kolkata,&Hyderabad.

The mint in each city puts an identification mark under the year of issue.

·       Coins minted in Delhi have Dot.

·       Mumbai have diamond.

·       Hyderabad have star.

·       Kolkata have nothing beneath the year.

4.KEYBOARD INVENTER:Why keyboard does not start from A to Z?

 Ans:Keyboard was invented by “QWERTY”. So his name is the first line of the keyboard.


5.129 YEARS:Napolean was born in 1760, Hitler was born in 1889; the difference is 129 years.  Napolean came to power in 1804, Hitler came to power in 1933; the difference is 129  years. Napolean occupied Vienna in 1808, Hitler occupied Vienna in 1937; again the difference is 129 years. Napolean declared war on Russia in 1812, Hitler declared war on Russia in 1941; amazingly the difference is 129 years.                                                                           

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