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  • Written by vck
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The moment we step into school we are asked to do our homework. But most of us do it without realising the importance of it. We are most of the time either trying to kill time or do something so that we dont get bored, fact being we can sit still and time is going to continue because it is continous and nothing can stop it!

Great leaders and front runners in all fields, usually complain about not having time to do more. Home work is something that helps you revisit what was taught in class that day and also guides you to go the next level the next day. No one is ever going to ask you or remind you to do your homework in college. 

For instance, Sachin Tendulkar is arguably the worlds best batsman of all time. Does any one tell him this is your homework and please complete it? The answer is "NO". We assume that he can walk into any cricket match without practice and still score a century. But the truth is he is best at what he does, simply because he does his homework and he does them everyday. That is the reason he has been playing at the highest level for 20 odd years. Of course he is naturally gifted and talented but that does not stop him from preparing and learning on his own.The same applies to leaders in all fields. If you are not going to prepare yourself and learn new things you will not remain at the top for a long time.

Let us all try travelling that extra mile....

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