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How To Make PCBs For Your Project (In College Only).

  • Written by Sreeraj PS
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Here I’m going to show how to make simple single-sided PCBs, using widely available materials. This technique works reliably for thin tracks down to 10 mils, and is suitable for most surface-mount parts.




Step 1.

So you have to design your PCB in a Computer (or download a proper PCB) then only we can make it. Find "EAGLE". It is a Cadsoft Product to design Our PCB.

You Can Download It From Here

And Use This Files For Install And All  guide.

You Can Download It From Here


Make a PCB design From our college. The softwre are avilavble i guss.

Step 2.


Print your PCB layout as usual(Only Works With A Laser Printer), and you must print a mirrored layout of PCB.(Use A thin paper For dest result.)

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