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Was Life Supposed to be Like This?

  • Written by juhi.08ece041
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As I sit in the bright sun,
with the warm rays falling on my face
I can’t help but think,
Is life a journey to be cherished?
or a tough race to be finished?
People rush to get things done
never stop for a bit of fun.
Was life supposed to be like this?

As I hear the little birds chirp,
The sound of it reaches my heart
I can’t help but think,
Is there a reason for people to be selfish?
Or is it just a desire to be the best?
What are they trying to gain
When they are ready to sacrifice their respect?
Was life supposed to be like this?

As I feel the wind blowing,
With its oh-so-lovely touch,
I can’t help but think
Why can’t we just go with the flow?
Why are there wars
and why are there battles,
The world was made for all humans alike.
Was life supposed to be like this?

As I hear the horns blaring,
And see the cars zipping by
I cant help but think
Of what use is our life?
When not a difference we can make.
No time to relax, no time for leisure,
And no time to spend with people we love
Life sure wasn’t supposed to be like this.


#2 MeenakshiSundaram 2010-01-27 22:03
These words made me to think the other side of the coin!
#1 suja 2010-01-26 16:02
This poem reflects the need to stop for a while and to listen to the lovely things, new colours, new music, new songs, new dances - which nature bestows us…
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