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Anger in Students

  • Written by vijaysr
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When students get angry in foreign universities they get a gun and shoot everyone in the class room and campus.

Anger is very often destructive when not correctly directed out. 


After 18 years, when the world expects something back.

Some accuse the world of imperfection, and run around in circles.


They usually suffer from "I hate my father syndrome" and "I hate everything syndrome".


It is very important for you to read this book. Emotional Intelligence. It is available in college library.



I think crapping on the internet is a form of pollution,

and may contribute to global warming and human extinction in the future.




#1 vijaysr 2010-02-03 18:55
He is a first year student :-)
He admitted his mindless act and has removed his comment.

I will leave the images here as a reminder.
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