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Visit by Dinamalar press personnel On 8th july, 2010

  • Written by chandrasekaran
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On 8th july, 2010, a team of press personnel from Dinamalar news paper has visited our college. The purpose of their visit was to get the views of the college students about the effects of Cinema on them and the society.  Out of many volunteers, two students each from all the departments were asked to project their opinion. These students responded well and expressed their ideas in a free and fair manner. Their interactions took place in the form of a group discussion. Dinamalar staff took the notes about the impacts expressed by them.
The names of the students are given below:-

1. Angeline Swarna   Civil
2. Sasirekha P          Civil
3. Rubina R               CSE
4. Lavanya S            CSE
5. Mercy Anbarasi J  ECE
6. Pallavi                  ECE
7. Thamaraiselvi      EEE
8. Arundevi              EEE
9. Saranya R            IT
1o.Annapoorani       IT

1. Angeline Swarna   Civil 2. Sasirekha P          Civil 3. Rubina R               CSE 4. Lavanya S            CSE 5. Mercy Anbarasi J  ECE 6. Pallavi                  ECE 7. Thamaraiselvi      EEE 8. Arundevi              EEE 9. Saranya R            IT 1o.Annapoorani       IT

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