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Overcome Exam Fear.

  • Written by Yuva, 2nd year mech
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Exams are a way of assessing what a student has learned during the academic year. Apart from this, it is also a method through which the student's learning and grasping abilities are evaluated and graded by the teacher. This makes it very important for students to learn well, and achieve good scores in the exam. However, for most students, exams bring with it lot of tension, stress and anxiety. The main reason for this is because of increased pressure that they receive from their parents and teachers to perform well in the exams. Although a little bit of exam fear and anxiousness is important to study and learn before the exams, too much tension can hamper the student's ability to do well. Many times, due to exam fear, students tend to forget what they have learned, thus scoring less than they could have. Hence, it is extremely crucial for students to learn about how to reduce exam fear, so that they can give their examination confidently, subsequently earning good grades

          •One very important thing that students should remember, is to avoid studying anything new just before the exam. This will cause more anxiety and you may forget what you have already learned.
          •It is also important to avoid having conversations with your friends about what they have studied, how much they have studied. This will make you more tense and nervous.
          •If you are feeling very tense and anxious, just before entering the examination venue, take a few deep breaths which will help you to relax.
          •During the exam, if you get tensed or blank after seeing difficult questions, skip them for the time being and attempt questions which you find easier. Once you have completed them, go back to the difficult ones. In this way, you will surely be able to answer them confidently.


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