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Expensive way of playing marbles-Golf

  • Written by PunithaV ECE
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Golf is a relatively easy sport yet it can still sometimes be difficult to play for some. In principle the game is about striking a small ball using a customized stick with a heavy end some distance and eventually into a small hole.The golfer is equipped with a set of clubs (maximum 14 in total) of varying length, club head density and loft of face, which hit the ball different lengths and heights, and a putter for use on the greens.Most amateurs play the game over 18 holes , using any of a number of game formats. The winner, quite simply, is the player who plays the 72 holes in the fewest shots or strokes.Thanks to SOME GREAT people like Tiger Woods, the PGA, and the LPGA the game of golf has become a REALLY popular pass time for many. 

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