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Tips To Become a Good Presenter

  • Written by chandrasekaran
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With the experience I gained by the way of teaching for the past 8 years in engineering colleges and through my Industrial exposure spanned for nearly four decades (where the medium of interaction was English) , I intend to say a few things regarding the Presentation skills of the students.

The astonishing truth is that the students from matriculation school background, who used to speak fluently during their school days, also enter into a shell of non- communication along with their class room compatriots. So here are some tips to become atleast a Presenter if not a Better Presenter.

Realising this, our college is trying every nook and corner by conducting workshops, introducing seminar in all the class rooms and many other measures, to make students speak English well.

The main disturbing factor for one to keep away from presenting, is the fear to face the audience.

Tips to remove fear and face the audience:

1. Know Your Stuff: Prepare your material well to raise your confidence level. Believe in yourself and in your abilities. You will be at ease with presenting when you know everything about your topic. Remember, the audience is looking to you to be the expert and expect you to deliver.

2. Clarify your Stand: Make it clear what you want to share with the listeners. (Example: I am here to share with you the presentation techniques during the next two hours.)

3. Be time conscious: Span your time such a way that neither you run with your materials nor do you drag at the end. (Example: some inexperienced News readers.)

4. Rehearse your part well: Your presentation is not different from acting in a drama or picture. So perform yours in the actual stage, after a thorough presentation, rehearsing your part well (at home, preferably in front of a full view mirror).

5. Body language: To engage with your audience you have to be free to walk among the podium. Change your position on stage, so that you will appear to be approachable to everyone in the room. Have eye to eye contact with all. Do not fold your hands at your chest.

6. Speak your presentation: The audience doesnt need you to read your presentation to them. They come to see and hear you speak to them. Remember too much information presented is as bad as too lesser one.

7. Quick questions: Make sure to allow for audience participation at the end. If no one asks a questions, have a few quick questions of your own ready to ask them. This is another way to engage the audience.

8. Use photos, graphics and ppt to explain. use appropriate examples for effectiveness.

9. Remember, very importantly that none is perfect; we are not foreigners who speak in their mother tongue; leave fear and focus on performance on stage.

Wishing the students good luck and good presentation.

Note: With due regards, some tips are taken from Wendy Russell, former About.com Guide.

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