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Programme on Fire protection , Safety Precautions and First Aid

  • Written by chandrasekaran
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A Programme on Fire protection , Safety Precautions, Emergency Preparedness and First Aid treatments was held at Hotel Sangam, on 23-06-2011. CEO of Usha Fire Safety pvt. Ltd, Mr. Jagadeesh Adappa, conducted the programme. At the outset, he brought out the Importance of the Emergency Rescue Team, (ERT) in any organisation. He explained the qualities of a Life Saver such as, 1. Common sense, 2.Presence of mind, 3. attitude and inbuilt will to save lives. With these traits, any person can become a member of ERT and do service to the humanity.
He explained various types of fires, their causes, the methods of extinguishing them, and the precautions , those are to be taken to avoid the hazardous fire in a short notice,. The correct usage of fire extinguishers was explained with the help of PPP.
During the post lunch session, a live demonstration was conducted. In that various types of fires, were set up, and the drill to extinguish them with the usage of the correct type of fire extinguishers , was shown to the participants. The participants from Industries, Institutions and Offices also were encouraged to take part actively.
In the concluding session, the First aid procedure was shown, with the help of a Mannequin, a robot like machine, with artificial heart and limbs, which reacts well to the artificial respiration, given to it by blowing air and pressing the chest to induce breathing.

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