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One day workshop on Employment Opportunities For Engineers

  • Written by chandrasekaran
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Introduction: The details of the One day workshop on Employment Opportunities For Engineers, held on 22-10-10, which was jointly organised by AUT, Madurai & Board of Apprenticeship & Training, are placed below:
I) Training Needs (by Prof. G.K.Rajesh)& II) Employment Opportunities For Engineers (By Mr. A. Ayyakkannu, Director, Board of Apprenticeship & Training)
1) To provide quality education to students; 2) To imbibe in students our time-honoured value-system; 3) To effect wholesome development of personality; 4) To develop Aptitude, Attitude, Altitude of students; 5) To ensure promotion of employability skills; 6) To explore all avenues for placement of the students.                 

  Employability Skills required
• An engineering degree will not suffice; Good % of marks will not be considered a strong point. Mathematical aptitude; Analytical skill; Communication Skill; A good knowledge of the subject; Creativity & Originality in Project; Self-confidence; Good manners & etiquette
Focus on Placement Training:
Focus is on systematic training of students towards employability; Training tailored to develop the skills of students towards placement; Placement training is a continuous process of development of potential of students; Two days in a week can be focused on Placement Training.
The Modus Operandi:
1) Placement Training provided to Students by the Staff of the college. 2) Training the Trainers (Faculty Development Programme); 3) Training by Corporate Trainers, such as RIPE, SMART, Speech Masters,, Time etc., 4) The Alumni/ Senior Students.
Training Students by College Staff
Placement Training on a regular basis by the college staff regularly on convenient days for Students of II B.E., in the first week of each month & for Students of III B.E., in the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th weeks of each month. Aptitude Test is to be conducted with question papers devised by MNCs.
Syllabus: Stage Presentation ; Verbal Aptitude; Group Discussion/Seminar Presentation & Quantitative Aptitude.
Training by Alumni/ Senior Students; 1) Mathematical aptitude;2) Analytical skill; On a Feasible day, Aptitude Test is to be conducted with question papers devised by MNCs.
These Tests and further discussions can be accomplished by Alumni/ Senior Students.                                                                                                                                                                       

II) Employment Opportunities For Engineers
Evolution of IT industry
21st century is an age of opportunities. Globalization is a unique development. Liberalization of economy is a boon and not a bane, as was thought of. Liberalization brought in happy changes in the Indian market. Globalization & Liberalization opened up the doors for entry of MNCs in the Indian market. Hundreds of foreign companies established their branches in India. The result was that employment opportunities became abundant for engineers in IT; ITES and other industries.
MNCs & Big Players in Software & Hardware Industry
MNCs are organizations, which have their bases in Western countries. Their branches are found across the globe such as IBM, Microsoft, TCS, CTS, Infosys, Wipro, Polaris, Xanxa, etc. Modeled on these MNCs, several other companies emerged in the India, either in collaboration with foreign companies or independently with support from other industries.
Work of MNCs:
MNCs take up projects from organizations /governmental or non-governmental from the West & other parts of the globe & for execution of projects, smart people are recruited from colleges & engaged, who have distinctly significant achievements in their educational career. MNCs are paid huge amounts for the tasks being undertaken by them in terms of dollars by their clients. MNCs engage smart persons, and pay them high pay packages. MNCs expect projects to be carried out in a shorter duration of time, & with better efficiency.

Number of Jobs in IT & ITES
Job opportunities are in abundance in the years to come in the IT & ITES field & core industries. Job demand is so much that the graduates being produced by the engineering colleges will be inadequate. The availability of jobs in the year 2011 will be 5 lakhs, & in the year 2020, the demand will be as much as 23 lakh personnel in the IT 7 core industry, as per the study taken by NASSCOM (National Association of Software & Service Companies). NASSCOM estimates that in 2020, the shortage of candidates will be 5 lakhs. In IT industry, India holds 65% of the world market, & in ITES (IT Enabled Services), India has 45% of the world market.
Global Competition in the IT field
• India's competitors are China, Philippines & Taiwan. China has started as many as 1200 professional universities & colleges to meet the heavy global demand in the IT & ITES sectors. The sad trend is that these MNCs do not find adequate number of suitable graduates from engineering colleges. The grim situation is that jobs are aplenty; but employable graduates are a few.
India in software field
• The reason for the domination of Indians in the world market is their enhanced mathematical skills.
The Scenario in 2020
Prospects for employment are quite bright. Pay packages are attractive. Pay hikes are phenomenally higher, for a deserving person. NASSCOM estimates that in 2020, there will be a shortage of 5 lakhs of engineers in software industry. There will be mushroom growth of software & core industries. Training organizations will have a thriving time to tone up employability skills or efficiency of staff, to match with the growth of software companies . The need for commitment, creativity, & hard work is essential.
Where is the Software Industry moving towards and how to match their Requirements?
• Software industry is moving towards achievements in technology. Software industry is moving towards tough competition in the execution of various projects. Software industry is moving towards a situation, where the expectations from young professionals are quite high namely, industry-smartness, innovativeness, quickness, & intelligence. Good performers & high achievers will be assets to industries, drawing high scales of pay. All sectors of life depend upon software technology for their efficient performance. Hard working people, with commitment & perseverance, will win.

I extend my warmest Regards to the management for encouraging me to attend this programme.

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